Is there any public bus from Kyrenia to Karpaz?

Is there any public bus service from Kyrenia to Karpaz? Actually there is not, the only way to go to Karpaz from Kyrenia or Nicosia is via Famagusta. The public transport in Northern Cyprus is cheap though, but it will take you a whole day to travel from Kyrenia to Karpaz one way only!

This is both a big disadvantage for the guests of of our wonderful island who want to visit the Karpaz peninsula – and also for the small local businesses in Karpaz. So we decided in to establish a public bus service to Karpaz on private initiative.

Due to our high demand on private tours the KARPAZ EXPRESS is only bookable on request until end of August 2019!



Who benefits from this extraordinary service?

First of all this service is very attractive for guests visiting Cyprus either North or South. In Summer 2019 you have the chance to explore Karpaz in a full day tour, or you can descide to stay at the dip of the peninsula either from TUE to FRI, from FRI to TUE or even for a full week. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life there is probably no better place in Cyprus than the remote and pristine Karpaz peninsula.

Second the local businesses in Karpaz can profit, especially the accommodations like HASANĀ“S TURTLE BEACH or ELAUSA MONASTERY. With KARPAZ EXPRESS their customers have a chance to stay some days at their family run small hotels without renting a car or expensive private transfer service.

And last but not least local Cypriots from both side of the island, including our friends from all over the world as part of the fast growing expat community!